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As a Community Grant Partner of the Smallwood Trust, Colab Exeter Resilient Women's Programme can now receive applications to The Women’s Resilience Fund. The Fund will provide grants, one to one and group support to equip women with the tools to escape poverty and have a secure and stable future with improved living standards.

This grant funding is primarily available to women living in the Exeter area. Applications should come via a support worker or agency, applications received directly from individuals will not be accepted. Please make sure to read the Application Checklist and supporting information at the bottom of this page when preparing your application for submission. 

Contact resilientwomenfund@colabexeter.org.uk if you need any support with submitting an application. 

The Fund focuses on the key drivers of stability, which form the aims of the Fund: All grant applications should meet at least one of the four aims:

  1. The grant would support the individual's financial stability and relief of hardship
  2. The grant would support the individual's employment pathways
  3. The grant would support the individual's housing needs
  4. The grant would support the individual's mental health and well-being

Applicants must:

  1. Be 18 years or over
  2. Have entitlement to reside in the UK
  3. Be in receipt of all benefits they are entitled to
  4. Have savings of no more than £4,000
  5. Have debts of no more than £10,000

Application Forms and Information:

Application Checklist

Application & Payment Form

Grant Making Policy

Document Checklist

Monitoring & Evaluation Form

Application Submission Schedule

Contact us at resilientwomenfund@colabexeter.org.uk if you have any questions or need some support with your application.

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