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Colab is one of the leading partners in this exciting collaboration with the two infrastructure organisations of Plymouth and Torbay, to increase the awareness of social investment. The project was launched in November 2018 and aims to create new ways of working between funders (commissioners, grantmakers, philantropists, social investors) and services providers (social enterprises and voluntary/community organisations and charities particularly operating in the area of complex lives).

This project came from the insight that the Southwest is somewhat of a cold spot when it comes to social investment, whilst at the same we have a long history and current practice of service providers playing a pivotal role in the execution and continuation of vital services in the realm of complex lives.

Simultaneously, there is a growing awareness that the ‘system’ in which services are financed is facing continuous cuts and the continuation of care is at great risk. SIMPL acknowledges that all stakeholders need to come together to birth a new way of working, from design to execution and evaluation. 

Colab works together with ESSENCE, Exeter’s Social Enterprise Network, in deploying various activities for funders and for service providers particularly in the Exeter region. If you would like to know more about getting involved in SIMPL’s activities, there are great resources on the website, or contact Daphne van Run, Network Lead of ESSENCE, via email

SIMPL is funded through the ConnectFund (2018-2019), currently we are in conversation with multiple funders how to continue SIMPL's mission.

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