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CoLab Exeter and partners have been awarded a three-year grant by Comic Relief in order to find better solutions to homelessness in the City.

The starting point of the project is a desire to find out how everyone in the city feels about homelessness; especially people who have a lived experience. To get the ball rolling the project will focus on:

1) Start a city-wide conversation

Any solutions are going to need the whole City to be on board, we will reach out to different groups & sectors to invite their opinions, ideas, and contributions, and to understand their views; this will inlcude members of the public, local businesses, as well as those agencies and people closer to homelessness.  

2) Involve people with lived experience as equals

Far too often, people affected by homelessness feel they are ‘done to’, rather than ‘done with’. The voice of lived experience is crucial in progressing how we move forward, and we will be rolling out training and support to invite and encourage their active and meaningful participation in the project. 

3) Create a homeless charter for Exeter

We will create a one-page vision for the City; which everyone feels they have a stake in, and which allows us to move forward together. It will set out values and a vision that we all believe in and that we can all get behind and support.

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