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Over the last four years CoLab Exeter has been developing as a wellbeing hub specialising in support and signposting for a wide range of people, including those with more complex needs, who come to the building for personal support, and help navigating the system.

We made a decision at the start of 2020 to mark our fourth anniversary by checking in on our general progress, by asking partners and other stakeholders for their view.  We did this so we could refresh our strategic objectives and make sure we were on track.  Since then there has been a global pandemic, and wellbeing and the need to plan for a safe and hopeful future seems even more important – that is where you come in... 

With development funding from Lloyds Bank Foundation, we have commissioned Simon Pickering from the Homeless Link Consultancy team, to conduct a review of our progress and future direction.  We want you to help us build on success and clarify our stakeholder objectives, whilst making clear recommendations for a sustainable model for the future. 

We are interested to hear from partners, service users, or others involved in the work that we do. We want to hear about what CoLab needs to be and do to best serve the community in this important next phase. We also want to explore where people think we fit into the wider “eco-system,” and what role we might have in things that are happening – a role which utilises our considerable assets and potential, and helps us, help hub and community members to move forward, as we transition from COVID 19 into an uncertain future.

We are delighted that Homeless Link Consultancy are leading this work.  They are well-placed to support us with this process, as they have a knowledgeable team, a UK wide membership which provides invaluable insights into wider trends, and a lot of experience in supporting organisations directly working with people who become homeless, or who struggle to navigate a system which isn’t always sensitive to their unique needs and aspirations.  

The information you share will be treated in the strictest confidence, so feel free to be both honest in your feedback and balanced in making suggestions. Complete our questionnaire.

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