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There has been a lot of change over the past couple of years which has affected the ways in which we all work, but more than that, the life chances of our service users.  It has become difficult to challenge the status quo because of the power imbalances which exist, between service users and service providers, and service providers and commissioners alike.  This project group will explore new ways of challenging the status quo and empowering people to influence change at personal, organisational and place-based level.


The intention is to work with experts in “theatre” and “wilderness facilitation,” to help people overcome challenges, find their voice and leadership potential, so they can speak up, make their contribution, and participate fully in recovery, rehabilitation and wellbeing.  There will be four strands to this work.  The first two are about developing the context for not only hearing from people, but capturing their stories and encouraging sign up to the principles of collaborative working.  The second two areas are about creative engagement with service users and staff to overcome power imbalances, and create a new context for reshaping services, developing learning and social action opportunities, and influencing change in the city and beyond. 

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