Sow & Grow - Gardening Basics

15 & 22 June 2020 - course postponed due to Coronavirus 10:00 - 4:00 FREE

Sow and grow

  1. Simple flowers and vegetables from seed
  • Successfully raise young plants of ornamentals like sunflowers and marigolds, plus easy salads like radishes, lettuce and tomatoes
  • Learn practical techniques to ensure good germination and provide the best immediate aftercare for your seed trays
  1. Growing healthy plants (whilst protecting the environment)
  • Keep your plants free from common problems
  • How to prevent pests (eg slugs), diseases (eg 'damping off') and disorders drought and cold
  • Cultural and biological techniques that don't use chemicals
  1. Choosing plant varieties
  • How to choose reliable and productive varieties of plant for local conditions
  • Varieties with natural resistance to problems
  1. Sowing and potting techniques
  • How to handle seeds, seedlings, and young plants
  • Give your plants the best chance to grow into beautiful flowers l and productive crops
  1. Easy maintenance of a town garden
  • All the spring activities for a small local garden - weeding, pruning, watering, troubleshooting for problems and much more
  • Efficient ways to minimise maintenance the future
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