Expressive Arts Course

course postponed due to Coronavirus 10:00 - 3:00 FREE

Week 1 : Drawing from nature

Exploring a range of drawing techniques taking inspiration from nature/plants/garden

Continuous line, layer drawing, blind drawing using different drawing media and paper types

Exploring mono-print drawing techniques using inspiration from morning session

Using painterly marks/wipe away technique 

Collage the most successful elements together to create abstract piece


Week 2:Drawing movement and cut-outs / Matisse&Cohen 'Dance me to the moon'

Using pastel and chalk to document human form and movement

Developing gestural, fluid forms and overlapping drawings

Using these as inspiration to develop figure cut-outs and compositions


Week 3: Imagination painting

Using Chagall and the work from last week to develop imagination paintings

Explore the link between mood and colour / warm and cool colours / respond to music

Using wet on wet and wax resist


Week 4: Landscape painting

Exploring the different marks and textures that can be made with acrylic, using palette knife and scratching, layering. 

Exploring techniques to paint mood and weather (local landscape, Dartmoor)

Highlight elements using pastel and chalk

Using artist Richard Diebenkorn as inspiration


Week 5: Marbling landscape

Explore marbling: creating different marks and patterns. 

Use knowledge of warm/cool colours

After lunch: using the dried marble paper to create collage landscapes

Using cutting and ripping techniques to explore edges and lines in compositions

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