Virtual Resilience

Working for a project about resilience shaped my aims during this pandemic.

Those of us who attend The Resilient Women Group suddenly found ourselves in a practical test of our namesake. Through groups we’re getting to share our weird and beautiful lives with one another in new ways. I’ve got to see women who haven’t met each other before this, virtually find connection and bond, there is kindness, encouragement, vulnerability and playfulness in our conversations.

It looks like we’re having a big party when this is all over to quite rightly congratulate ourselves, one of the things I’m most looking forward to is getting to see people who have shared their lives whilst going through something really big together, meet for the first time in person, I imagine bold hugs and real smiles as we celebrate one another, mourn those we have lost and didn’t get to say goodbye to, share stories of the things that came out of the pandemic that we continue to use as we found something really useful.

Feeling clear headed and equipped about going forward.

I’m seeing a group of women form a tribe, that gathers and walks alongside one another, sharing momentum, and I look forward to celebrating that at our graduation.

Kate - Criminal Justice Support Worker

posted : 17-04-2020


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