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We are delighted to announce that @TNLComFund have awarded CoLab Exeter significant funding to develop the ‘Doing What Matters Most’ programme over the next 3 years. This investment will enable us to sustain and develop the CoLab community, and the amazing frontline work teams do with people who have tough life situations and little capacity or resources to change things.

As Exeter starts to recover we hope to provide space and support for people, including vulnerable women, to improve their mental health and wellbeing, take part in learning and positive activity, and access what they need - as Professor Michael Marmot says - to lead ‘lives they have reason to value’.

Our vision for this work is that by addressing growing inequalities together and focusing on what is possible for everyone as much as what needs to change, we can create the conditions for learning and for influencing real and lasting change.

Details of the 3 year programme will follow and be published on our website (in late June)

posted : 27-05-2021


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