A Statement of Thanks from the CoLab Exeter Board of Trustees

A Statement of Thanks from the CoLab Exeter Board of Trustees

We are proud to be part of the CoLab Exeter community. As Trustees it is our responsibility to oversee CoLab’s operations and provide support and guidance for the senior team. We are incredibly grateful to CoLab’s staff and volunteers, who have rapidly adapted to the changing circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic and continued to provide high quality care, support, and advice for Exeter’s most vulnerable people.

We also extend our sincere thanks to Exeter City Council, the Clock Tower Surgery, CoLab tenants, and other partner organisations for their collaborative working and financial support during this difficult time.

Most importantly, we applaud the amazing work of Amanda Kilroy, Fiona Carden, and Amy Morgan, who have expertly led the team through the pandemic. They have worked around the clock to ensure the safety of staff and clients, to find new ways of delivering essential services, and to place CoLab at the forefront of responses to the pandemic now and into the future. And they have done it all with kindness, compassion, and good humour.    

As Trustees, we offer our warmest thanks and best wishes to everyone in the CoLab Exeter community. Stay safe, be well, and continue supporting one another.

From; Steven Barriball, Jess Hurrell, Siobhan O’Dwyer, Andrew Williamson, Tom Gard, Kelly Spry-Phare, Louise Arscott

posted : 29-04-2020


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